Misery Loves Company with Kevin Brennan

From the early days of standup comedy, through the tragic arson of the Burning Bridges podcast, to the current iteration of MLC in it’s YouTube glory, Kevin Brennan likes to talk.

Have you ever have someone say, “I’m gonna tell you something but you can’t tell anyone else…”? Well Kevin Brennan doesn’t believe in that. Kevin believes that if everyone thinks you’re an a-hole, then maybe you should just be that a-hole.

Every weekday, KB gives his truly honest, sometimes abrasive opinion of people, places and things that annoy him. And there’s a lot. Joined by a cast of regular comedians and a stable of wannabe nobodies, every day is a superchat-fueled festival of confusing if not often-misdirected hate. Come find out why Kevin Brennan is the podcast all the other podcasts can’t stop bringing up daily.

If you have nothing nice to say, you might as well say it on a podcast.